Once again, I have been sadly neglecting this blog, even though I have plenty to post about. Will try to catch up in the New Year.

I spent this Christmas alone, because of the current COVID-19 restrictions. I like living alone, so it didn’t actually bother me, but I decided to make sure I didn’t cut any corners regarding food.

So my Christmas dinner came courtesy of Donald Russell; a really nice mini three bird roast (turkey/duck/chicken, wrapped in bacon). It was spectacular.

I’d planned for the roast to last me until Boxing Day, but I ended up picking at it on Christmas afternoon, and then I simply snacked on it for tea!

So Boxing Day lunch was a full fried breakfast.

For dinner I found something I had completely forgotten – in my last Mud Pies order, I had included a “Christmas In A Pie”. So I had that with dauphinoise potatoes from Cook. A really easy “just heat in the oven” dinner.

New Equipment: as you know, a few months ago, I bought a Ninja Foodi, which has virtually replaced my usage of my gas stove. Then the week before Christmas week, my microwave died. I didn’t think long about it – I use my microwave for all kinds of little things, and decided I didn’t want to be without one. I ordered one from AmazonBasics, but was let down twice on delivery promises. So I cancelled that and ordered an Igenix combination microwave. I didn’t really need the fan oven function, given I have a gas stove and a Foodi, but it ticked all the other boxes, and I can see it being useful for dealing with side dishes when I use the Foodi. Or, at the very least, keeping things hot while the Foodi does its job.

Then, as a Christmas present to myself, I bought a Mockmill 100 grain mill! It’s something I have been vaguely looking at for a year or so, and I decided to go for it. I’ll be posting more about that in a dedicated post.

So here’s wishing everyone who reads this a Happy 2021. It can hardly be worse than 2020, can it?

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