Getting it to fit.

When you order something and it doesn’t fit, it is disappointing. When you order something having measured carefully and compared to the item description it is infuriating.

I wanted a rack to use with my air fryer in dehydrate mode, as it currently has only two levels, neither of which are good for berries and stuff.

Having measured my pot carefully, I went through the Amazon listings for a rack that would fit. I quickly found one with racks 7.5cm in diameter. Brilliant – lots of room.

But wait. One of the pictures show that the base is wider than that. 8.1cm. So I go back and measure the pot. It will fit, I order the item.

Which is why I am badly disappointed when it arrives today and doesn’t fit at all!

What they have done is measured across the base support, not across the diameter. Running a measure across it, including the bits that stick out, I can see it is actually 8.75cm and too darned big!

The racks themselves fit nicely. So, as there is nothing else available that might fit, I wonder if I can engineer supports within the rack diameter, maybe with bolts and washers?

I decide “in for a penny, in for a pound”. Despite my annoyance, I am not returning it, so I am going to take it apart. Disconnecting the upright supports from the base, and holding them loosely around a rack, they fit perfectly, It is only the base that holds the thing apart so far that it doesn’t fit.

So I will see if I can bend the offending bits with some brute force. If not, I will cut them off and find another way to hold the thing together.

With my existing adjustments, the rack is usable as it is (with 4 racks only, not the non-fitting base), but will be fiddly to load and put in the pot. But I think I should be able to make it work as it should and still fit the pot.

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