Being thrifty with the pizza habit

As some of you will know, I have a fondness for Domino’s Pizza. Naughty, I know! šŸ™‚

The problem is that while it is good (or, at least, less bad) for my diet to buy a single small pizza, it works out incredibly expensive.

A large pizza is 4 pounds more expensive than a small, but over twice the size. (Don’t get me started on the even smaller “personal” pizza!)

More to the point, if I order the lunchtime special – 2 large pizzas for 19.99 – I can get 4 times the pizza for only a third more cost!

But what can a single person do with all that pizza?

Gorge on it? Not a good move.

Spin it out for lunch, dinner and breakfast for the next few days? Better, perhaps, but one may get sick of it, and also you run the risk of “going for another slice” and eating far more than you should. Believe me, I’ve been there.

The answer is freeze it. I’ve discovered that Domino’s pizza freezes fine, and actually tastes better after reheating in a very hot oven, for just 6-8 minutes. I can even get it crispy!

A large Domino’s pizza normally has 10 slices (in the UK, I believe in the US they cut it in 8 slices). So buying two different pizzas gives me 20 slices. Because it is a lunchtime deal, I usually order it for a Monday lunch, and have just one slice of each pizza.

By the time I finish work, the pizza is cold. If I have had pizza for lunch, I very rarely have it for tea, but I may put a slice to one side for an indulgent breakfast the next day.

Which normally means I am freezing 16-18 slices. I simply stack them in a couple of plastic boxes that hold 2 slices per layer, and put them in the freezer.

Then when I want pizza, I simply take out one or two slices, and reheat. If it is just for me, I use my Air Fryer, which does a brilliant job of bring the pizza to life. As I say, it is better than when they deliver! For more people, I use my oven.

Assuming that most of the time I will be eating 2 slices, I am going to get 10 meals out of those two pizzas for 20 quid. That’s 2 quid a lunch, which I think is reasonable. However, often in the summer, I have just one slice with fresh salad, which bring the price down to a quid a day.

Note that I don’t have pizza every day – those 20 slices will normally be eaten over 4-6 weeks. Which I don’t think is too terrible for me.

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