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Adventures with coffee

May 25, 2018

I don’t drink a lot of coffee, but I do like the odd cup. Up to about 15 years ago, I didn’t drink it at all. I really disliked the taste as a drink, which was odd, as coffee flavour in a cake I loved.

Then I realised that it wasn’t necessarily coffee I disliked – it was *instant* coffee. This came to me during a visit to the States – although tea is mostly available, I did find myself in a couple of situations where coffee was really my only choice for a hot drink. And strangely, I liked it.

I now have a Lavazza Pod Coffee machine, and I probably have one cup a day.

However, today is different. Aware that I had got into a rut with my coffee choices (Lavazza’s Dolce Lungo, and their decaf Dek Cremoso), I recently bought a selection pack, with half a dozen pods each of their 8 most popular coffees. I also bought a non-Lavazza pack that provides empty pods with sticker lids, that you can fill with your own choice of coffee.

The problem is that it is difficult to do any kind of sensible comparison without overdoing the caffiene. This morning, I have had two espressos and one longer coffee (which contained a double-shot), and – not surprisingly – I feel twitchy already.

I need to make up a tasting chart, so I can do this sensibly. Maybe by tasting each coffee in turn, compared to the Dolce that I know, I can do a reasonable assessment on just two shots a day.

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