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HelloFresh – Haddock with Aubergine and Butter Bean Stew

December 14, 2016

My second HelloFresh meal, and it turned out really well. The bag for this recipe came with a nice big aubergine, an onion, some parsley, a can of butter beans, a carton of passata and some paprika. In the fridge I had the haddock that had come in their chill bag.

I’m not overly keen on aubergine, so I halved the quantity used, which means I have half in my fridge. I am sure something will occur to me. As it happens, I think the balance of aubergine to tomato and bean was just right.

On reflection, I did not actually need this recipe to cook this dish, it doesn’t come any easier. But here’s the thing. In other circumstances, having worked a full day, I am not sure that I would have bothered; in fact I know I wouldn’t have. I would have fixed something quick, crap and unhealthy, and resolved to use up the fish the following day.

Except tomorrow I know I am cooking meatballs; on Friday, Sausages; and on Saturday (or possibly Sunday) a chicken roast. So it had to be fish tonight, and the recipe was right there on the counter, where I left it at lunchtime.

I am using these recipe boxes as a way of breaking bad habits and returning to my old ones. I reckon it will take a while, but I now know that the discipline works.

As for the stew, it was delicious, and I have a slightly smaller portion in the fridge for tomorrow. I left the second piece of fish uncooked, as it only takes 5 minutes, about the same time it will take to reheat the bean stew.

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