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Gousto – Haddock & Chips

September 14, 2016

2016-09-14-18-39-16This is the first recipe I have tried from the Gousto recipe box. Basically, it is posh fish & chips. The steps described were straightforward enough, and I didn’t feel rushed (however, at 30°C, I did feel hot!). My presentation skills not-withstanding, it looked nice enough on the plate, and it went down very well too.

I did cut the 2-portion ingredients in half, except for the chips – they gave me 3 small potatoes for 2 people, and I cooked 2 of them for this meal. However, when it came to plating up, only about half ended up on the plate (the rest will be called supper).

I had a packet of paprika potato wedge mix open, so I added that to the recipe, and very nice too.

A couple of minor negative points. Firstly I thought it a crying shame to make mushy peas out of very nice crisp sugar-snap peas. I almost didn’t, but ended up giving it a try. The sugar-snaps would have been better lightly boiled, and a better mushy peas would have been made from the Birds Eyes in my freezer. Secondly, I thought their way of making lemon mayonnaise a bit cheeky – a sachet of Helman’s included in the box, and mix in some lemon juice and olive oil. Of course, it split.

However, where it was successful was it got me to cook something I would tend not to think of; and given how easy it was, I’d certainly cook it again.

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