Persevering in 2016

Yesterday I bought my Christmas food, all in Tesco. It was nice and painless, but underlined that I had slipped back into old habits of supermarket shopping.

Since 2013, I have had two extended periods of non-supermarket grocery shopping. The initial time was a reaction to the big horsemeat scandal, but I found very positive results came out of it. I still used a supermarket for things like milk and canned food, and the odd lunchtime sandwich, but by avoiding the big regular grocery shop, I avoided the temptations of chill-cabinet ready-meals, biscuits, cakes etc. Instead, I found myself naturally planning meals, buying raw ingredients, and cooking better food.

FINBXFRVEGLast time I let things slip, it was initially because of illness, but I got back into “bad” ways for serveral months after. I’m not sure what started my current relapse, but I have been grocery shopping at Tesco for several months now; and it has definitely affected the quality of my diet.

Anyway, I am not going to let it bother me over Christmas. In the New Year, I’m going to make a new effort, reschedule veg deliveries with Riverford and reacquaint myself with the local excellent butcher. Not to mention getting the vegetable garden going again.

It is definitely more work, not terribly so, but I do have to be more organised. I do realise that I am lucky – cooking for myself, no kids to chase around or worry about, plus I work from home, so can be in for deliveries. Cutting out the supermarket may not be for everyone, but I have found it encourages me to eat better. Which has got to be good.

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