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September 13, 2015

bbqheaderdigiqIf I hadn’t decided to invest in wood pellet grilling, I’d be all over these guys.

They are Alan Low & Charlie Langridge, BBQ experts and competitors, who formed BattleBox to bring good BBQ kit to the UK and Europe.

A couple of years ago, I would have killed for a BBQ Guru, allowing for automated control of a charcoal pit; but the only way I knew of getting hold of one was to order from the States, which I was wary of. Battlebox are carrying 3 different automation kits, to fit all budgets. The classic BBQ Guru, the CyberQ, with integrated WiFi, and the cheap and cheerful Party Q. All work by controlling the air flow into a charcoal BBQ.

In addition, they are importing the custom-made Humphrey Smokers from the US. Make sure you are sitting down, and hold on to your wallet, because these are BBQ-Porn.

Makes my version of the hobby look cheap!

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