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Uuni 2 Pizza Oven

June 18, 2015

One of the things I cook on my Traeger Pellet Grill is pizza. I turn the pellet grill up to the maximum temperature (450-500 F) and place a large pizza/bread stone in it. Once the stone is nice and hot, I can crank out 2 medium pizzas every 10 minutes or so. This is great fun, especially if you have guests preparing and adding their own toppings.

The Uuni 2 also runs on wood pellets, but it has only one job to do – make pizza. As a result, it is designed around that job, and so does it a bit faster. It can hit temperatures of 800+ F (proper pizza-making temperatures), and can crank out a pizza every 2 minutes.

Do I need one, to add to my array of BBQs and smokers? No, I don’t. But at just £189, I think that if pizza is your thing, you could have a lot of fun with this. It is a fraction of the price of a pellet grill, and looks to be fairly portable

Plus, it should be fine for high temp gridling of just about anything that will fit in it – steaks, fish, kebabs etc.

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