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Sous Vide Eggs

November 24, 2014

eggFor my tea tonight: 2 sous vide eggs, on lightly seasoned fried egg noodles.

Actually, there were 3 eggs, as I did an extra one to try to make sure they were done, before preparing the noodles! šŸ™‚

So these eggs were simply eggs cooked in their shells, for an hour, at 63.5 degrees C. Came out looking and tasting like perfectly poached eggs, soft wispy whites, and rich liquid yolks.

It might seem like a lot of bother for poached eggs, but it actually took no more than 2 minutes of preparation, plus plating up. What’s more, I could have easily cooked 6-8 such eggs at the same time, and that is in my small slow cooker!

Other recipe sources talk of higher temps and lower time – such as 15 minutes @ 75C. I’m just going to experiment, and see what tastes best.

I also want to try the same thing with duck and quail eggs.

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