Tesco Online

I live 10 minutes walk from a Tescos, so why would I order online from them?

Well, they offered me a 15 quid coupon if I spent 60 quid online. So I put together a list of canned and dried goods that I use; some bottles of Qcumber, which I am now quite partial to; plus the meat to feed a small party of boardgamers on Saturday.

It arrived on time. What surprised me was that a quarter of the items were unavailable. I had checked “no substitutions”, so they were just crossed off my list. Not unusual stuff though, stuff like bags of mixed salad leaves, cherry tomatoes, the Qcumber drink, seedless grapes…

The thing is, the online orders are fulfilled from the massive superstore the other side of Peterborough, my order was placed on Monday, so you would have thought there would be some way to ensure they had the items needed. Items, I note, which I know I will walk over to my local little Tesco, and pick straight off the shelf.

In the end, it meant I got a 15 quid discount on a 45 quid shop instead. But after this, I don’t think I will rely on Tesco Online again.

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