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Sorting the stores

February 22, 2014

Sorting out my cupboards, freezer and my conservatory, which has also been doing service as a larder during the winter.

This is going to sound dumb, but I realised that I had some veg out there which – while not spoiled – was well past its best; and this had led me to avoid either using them up or chucking them out – by eating supermarket prepared rubbish for the last two weeks. Amazing how easy it is to slide back into bad habits. I think this is, in part, the reason I have felt tired and generally “down” for the last few weeks. I need to buck up my ideas, and start eating proper food again.

Anyway, the potatoes look manky, so they are going in the bin. I don’t compost potatoes, as they tend to sprout, whatever happens; and there is also the possibility of spreading blight. The carrots are limp and past their best, but are still perfectly good for soups and stews – I grew these, so I am not chucking them away. The onions are fine, and the squash will be ok, if I use it soon.

The freezer is largely filled with bits and bobs – rolls left over from BBQs, and a selection of burgers and bangers from over the last 6 months. Have organised the drawers and consolidated my collection of home-made stocks in one drawer. Am going to be living from the freezer this weekend (and probably most of next week). Last night I took out some Grasmere pork and apricot sausages, and I currently have those in a slow-cooker with some onions, carrots, potatoes, butternut squash, and pearl barley.

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