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Codlo – Easy Sous-Vide for the home

January 4, 2014

codloSome readers will be aware of my dalliances with arduino-based temperature controllers, particularly for the BBQ.

At one point I was toying with the idea of building a sous-vide controller, but these guys have produced something far neater than anything I would have created – the Codlo.

Quite simply it is a temperature-controlled mains switch. The idea is that you use it to control the temperature of a cooking device to turn it into a sous-vide cooker. Codlo works with any analogue device that has a manual (i.e. not electronic) switch. So that might be a rice cooker, a slow cooker set on “high” (i.e. “always on”, even a electric hotplate with a pan of water on it.

Codlo started as a Kickstarter project, but they are now taking preorders from the general public, aiming to ship in May 2014.

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