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My garden 2013 – a review

December 17, 2013

It hasn’t been a very productive year this year. It was nothing to do with the weather, or soil conditions; it was simply a case of procrastination and laziness, and not getting things into the earth when I needed to. It’s true that the late spring threw me, but I have nothing to blame but myself. I’ve just annoyed myself by walking around the garden, and thinking what I could have planted to over-winter.

On the other hand, I did have some successes – two good crops of sugar snap peas, all the salad leaves I could eat, and lots of courgettes (as usual). An unexpected but delicious crop of tomatoes that I didn’t intentionally plant (the seed got into the garden via my wormery), and carrots that I am still harvesting (they last longer in the ground than in the fridge, although I think I need to dig up the last row before they freeze).

So not all bad, but could do much better. Next year, I intend to have a plan, with dates placed in my calendar, to remind me when it is time to sow and plant out.

I may only have 4 vegetable troughs, but even so, it should still be enough to keep a single guy in vegetables for most of the year (and some).

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