Quick and tasty beef stew

I am working this afternoon, and having got back from the shops I have only an hour to have lunch and relax before starting a job that is not going to give me much time for breaks for the rest of the afternoon, and possibly the day.

So I almost decided not to prepare dinner for tonight, as I wouldn’t have enough time. Then I said “Get a grip, Chris”.

Take a slow cooker pot – my small one today, for 1-2 people. Peel and quarter an onion and place it in the bottom. On top of that, place some steak and kidney. I normally coat it in seasoned flour, but today I am in a rush, so straight in it goes. Two carrots, washed, and cut onto small chunks. A handful of potatoes, washed and cut into similar sized chunks.

2013-12-07 17.54.06Some beef stock. I am using some stock from an oxtail I cooked last week, but a stock cube dissolved in hot water would work too.

A pinch of salt, a screw of pepper.

Pot goes into the slow cooker, turned on high. When I finish lunch I will turn it down to low.

Time take to put this stew together? 5 minutes. This post took me 6 to sit down and write.

Procrastination is the enemy, there is always time to cook!

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