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of cooking from scratch with locally sourced
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How it began.
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My garden is my kitchen this summer

August 11, 2013

Had friends round for gaming yesterday, and several commented on my (temporary) lack of a cooker in the kitchen. I let my old cooker go to freecycle a few weeks back, and have yet to replace it.

“How do you manage?” they asked. I pointed round at the microwave, the electric steamer, the slow cooker and the soup machine, not to mention the two BBQ grills in the garden.

Anyway, today reminded me how good pizza tastes out of my wood pellet grill. Place a pizza stone in there, and let it get up to maximum heat, then pop the pizza in – it was ready in just over 10 minutes. Amazingly crisp bottom, and perfect in every way.

I will get around to ordering my new cooker sometime. But I’m really not in any hurry.

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