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La Cave a Fromage

March 27, 2013

I’ve been down to Brighton for a couple of days, to meet up with my friend Jo. We knew each other when we both lived in Brighton, but haven’t seen each other for 15 years since, although we’ve kept in touch. Jo was in town, visiting her father, so I popped down for a meal, a drink, and a chat.

plattersWe had a very pleasant dinner in a steakhouse, but that wasn’t the highlight of the trip; Jo asked if I was free to meet her for lunch the next day, as there was a place she wanted to show me. I didn’t have plans, which is how we came to arrive at La Cave a Fromage.

La Cave is a cheese and charcuterie shop, with a breath-taking range of cheeses and meats. They also have a section with a scattering of tables and chairs, for tastings. We ordered a platter each – one cheese, one meat.

The cheese platter contained 6 cheeses, with generous portions of each – certainly enough for two people to each have a good taste. The cheeses were arranged in order of strength around the plate, and we were advised to start with the mildest, and work our way round, from a mild truffle-topped soft cheese, through a lancashire bomb to an intense port-soaked stilton.

breadThe meat platter was similarly plentiful, with a truffle-flavoured cured sausage, smoked venison, a lamb carpaccio, a wonderful spanish dry ham, and a flavoursome coarse pate.

All served with a wonderful basket of mixed breads.

The platters were just 10 pound each, not including wine and mineral water. Of course, we went on to spend more in the cheese shop!

There is also a La Cave in Kensington, which I also hope to visit some time.



Pictures Copyright © 2013 Jo Hopkinson.

La Cave Kensington London:
24-25 Cromwell Place Kensington London SW7 2LD

La Cave Hove Brighton:
34-35 Western Road Hove Brighton BN3 1AF

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