Cottage Bakery, Eye

cottage-bakeryA few days ago, I said I would have to compromise for a while with buying bread from Tescos. Although I often bake my own, meeting the needs of my regular board-game playing group – two or three dozen burger rolls plus the same amount of finger rolls – was beyond my routine bread-making capability.

I’ve just bought the rolls for tomorrow, but was passing Eye, and remembered buying some really nice filled rolls there, and had noticed that they bake on the premises. So popping in there, I bought 4 soft floured rolls, and a cake to have with my cuppa (very nice, it was, too).

The rolls are just what I want, and they were happy with the idea of my phoning them the day before, for any largish order, so I will neither be disappointed, nor run them out of what they have baked for the day.

So this is probably my last Tesco bread run. That was quicker than I thought!

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