ProQ Steel Food Smoking Cabinet

September 2, 2020 Chris Malme 2

Seven years ago, I bought a ProQ Cold Smoking Kit, which consisted of a ProQ Cold Smoke Generator – a square metal mesh maze, which you load with wood dust and slowly burns from the outside to the centre – and a smoking chamber.

That smoking chamber, surprisingly, was made of cardboard. The new one is galvanised steel.

New WordPress Theme

August 28, 2020 Chris Malme 1

Food Adventure has a new WordPress theme. For a long time we were on the Magazine Premium theme, until it broke the features I was trying to use. I then reverted to the free Magazine Basic theme, which I was happy with, until I realised it was not displaying comments. […]


August 28, 2020 Chris Malme 1

As mentioned on my Facebook page a few days ago, high winds knocked over my tomato plants. Quite a few branches broken, but non of the main stems. I stood them up again and did a quick tidy the day after, which yielded me a small bag of green tomatoes […]

Training Tomatoes

August 23, 2020 Chris Malme 0

It’s been a few years since I last grew tomatoes, and I’d forgotten many of the little things I had learned. Mainly on how to remove suckers before they became major fruit-bearing parts of the plant, and how to keep the plant neat. As a result, my tomatoes have been […]

Gadget: Ninja 3-in-1 Food Processor

August 9, 2020 Chris Malme 0

Gadget Man strikes again!. To be fair to myself, for someone who likes to cook, I’ve managed a long time without a food processor.

I was actually looking at this very bundle a couple of months back, and had mentally bookmarked it as something to consider for the Black Friday deals. But today, Amazon told me it was in their one-day deal – reduced by 25% – and I had 4.5 hours to decide. Didn’t take me nearly that long.

Brussels Sprouts Doing Well

August 8, 2020 Chris Malme 0

This is the first lot of Brussels I planted, which at one point I was thinking of digging up and throwing away, because they looked so unhealthy.

And this is the second planting. These thrived a lot better, but recently got hit with an infestation of tiny flies. But a spraying of lightly soapy water seems to have gotten rid of the worst, and let the plants recover.

Garden Update – 360°

August 7, 2020 Chris Malme 0

The garden makeover is practically complete. We tried out my pressure washer on part of the patio, and it came up good; so either Jared or myself will do the rest sometime. But otherwise, all the painting and tidying has been done.

So here is the transformed garden. (360° image)

With A Little Help From My Friends…

August 4, 2020 Chris Malme 0

Just before lockdown happened, I’d talked to a local handyman about various jobs around the house and garden. He quoted for some work inside the house, plus some work in the garden: coating my garage door with a suitable weatherproof treatment, and a couple of other jobs. But then the […]

Food Adventure autopost to Facebook is back

July 31, 2020 Chris Malme 0

For a long time, if I posted something in my Food Adventure Wordpress Blog, it would autopost to the corresponding Facebook group I’d set up.

Then Facebook changed things, and it stopped working.

I’m pleased to say the link is working again, which means I no longer need to manually post things twice.