Inkbird IBBQ-4BW Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Barbecue Thermometer

August 7, 2021 Chris Malme 0

Belatedly writing about this device, which I bought at the end of May.

As mentioned in my review of my new LG Legacy 1200 grill, the one thing I wasn’t impressed with was the android app.

I already had an Inkbird Bluetooth Thermometer, but the distance from my BBQ area and the house makes that not ideal for Bluetooth, although I liked the device itself. So I took the opportunity to pass that on to a friend, and splashed out on the newer WiFi & Bluetooth version.

The Fall And Rise of the Legacy 1200

June 4, 2021 Chris Malme 1

As described earlier, I’d successfully done my first cook on the new pellet grill, by my kitchen door. Soon after, I decided to move it to my BBQ area at the foot of the garden. Not very far, and paved all the way. So I was wheeling it down the garden, and was two thirds of the way there, when the whole grill tilted, and it was only my muscles keeping it stable – all 300lbs of it.

Louisiana Grills Founders Legacy 1200 Pellet Grill

May 16, 2021 Chris Malme 0

I’ve ended up with this beast of a pellet grill, which is far more than I intended to buy. It is of stainless steel construction, double walled so as to retain heat. It is capable of temperatures from low to 600°F which is much higher than my Traeger would go.

My new pellet grill – the long story behind it

May 16, 2021 Chris Malme 0

I bought my old Traeger Pellet Grill in 2011, and it has done me well. Even after the controller stopped working, a few years ago, I managed to safely rewire it with a simple relay and timer mechanism, and retain much of its function. But I knew I would eventually replace it with a new grill.


April 18, 2021 Chris Malme 0

I love pancakes of all sizes – crepes, american style, drop scones. But, despite a series of pans purchased for the purpose, I’ve never had much luck cooking them myself. In the end, I decided that the problem was with my stove and not me, and I gave in and bought a Duronics Crepe Maker.

Hello Louisiana!

April 10, 2021 Chris Malme 0

So here is a preview of the new toy, a Louisiana Grills Founders Series Premier 1200. It isn’t here yet, so the picture is stock. I am having it assembled before delivery – having assembled one pellet grill in the past, I decided I’d pay for someone else to do it. So the new grill should arrive next week.

Bye-bye Traeger

April 10, 2021 Chris Malme 0

In 2010, I purchased my first pellet grill, a Traeger Lil Tex… the more I cooked on the Traeger, the less I wanted to play with charcoal.

Gadget: Ninja Foodi Max Multicooker OP500UK.

September 17, 2020 Chris Malme 0

The Ninja Foodi is a combined pressure cooker, slow cooker and air fryer. It manages this by having two lids. The Air Fryer lid is permanently attached, hinged at one side, and containing a powerful heating element and fan. With that raised out of the way, you can use the Pressure Cooker lid, which locks on to the cooker.

Moving from Air Fryer to Foodi – Ease of Cleaning

September 6, 2020 Chris Malme 0

I’ve just replaced my Ninja Air Fryer with a Ninja Foodi – more on that, later. It was a sensible move, in that it combined the functions of at least 3 large counter top devices – Air Fryer, Instant Pot and Slow Cooker – into one. My old Air Fryer and trusty Morphy Richards Sear & Stew slow cooker are going into storage, freeing up much needed space in my kitchen. My Instant Pot has been donated to some very grateful neighbours, who are going to make good use of it.