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It’s been a while since I last used my soup maker. I’m not sure why, cos it is so easy.

But I recently bought 5kg of Cornish Blue cheese, discounted due to Covid-19 and reduced sales to restaurants. Most of it has been vacuum packed and stored in my freezer, but I kept some to use now; and by coincidence Riverfords have sent me two large brocolli heads.

HelloFresh – Haddock with Aubergine and Butter Bean Stew

My second HelloFresh meal, and it turned out really well. The bag for this recipe came with a nice big aubergine, an onion, some parsley, a can of butter beans, a carton of passata and some paprika. In the fridge I had the haddock that had come in their chill bag.

Gousto: Lemon Linguine With Crab

I’ve had a couple more Gousto boxes since my last post on the subject. All of the meals have been very nice, but this – Lemon Linguine With Crab – is one of the best I have cooked.

Mindful Chef

This is the second of the recipe boxes I am trying – Mindful Chef. After my experience with Gousto (which was totally satisfactory regarding what they supplied, but fell down in my execution of their recipes), I decided to wait until this week, when I was on holiday and had plenty of time.