Author: Chris Malme

Chris is the founder of Food Adventure, which he created to encourage him to get into the kitchen more often. He is a fan of farm shops and other direct-to-customer suppliers. A BBQ enthusiast, he currently has 3 grills in his BBQ area, not to mention the baby Weber kettle in storage.

La Cave a Fromage

I’ve been down to Brighton for a couple of days, to meet up with my friend Jo. We knew each other when we both lived in Brighton, but haven’t seen each other for 15 years since, although we’ve kept in touch. Jo was in town, visiting her father, so I popped down for a meal, a drink, and a chat.


Every couple of months or so, I have some friends round to play board-games. There can be anything from 8 to 20 people, so I tend to do burgers and bangers on my pellet grill, as it is easy to do, and doesn’t need me hovering over it.

A Brief Relapse

I’ve been somewhat busy the last couple of weeks, including some travel for work. However, with regard to food at home, I’ve been continuing to cook from food from my vegetable box and the local butchers. Without the trips to the supermarket, my cupboards have also run empty of biscuits and snacks, but what with cooking real meals, I can’t say that I’ve missed them.

A Useful Resource

In trying to find local retailers, I don’t plan to assume anything – least not that “small is beautiful”. Just because a place is local and independent, it doesn’t mean that they are necessarily any better than the supermarkets they will be replacing.

Cottage Bakery, Eye

A few days ago, I said I would have to compromise for a while with buying bread from Tescos. Although I often bake my own, meeting the needs of my regular board-game playing group – two or three dozen burger rolls plus the same amount of finger rolls – was beyond my routine bread-making capability.

Vine House Farm Farmshop

I mentioned this farm shop over on my personal blog, just before I got the new site launched. I don’t intend to repeat posts from there in the future, but am doing so here for completeness, as this was my first Food Adventure win.

The Beginnings of a Plan

They say a man needs a plan, so as much for my benefit then anyone else, I thought I would start off with a quick analysis of where I am already, with regards to where I buy stuff from, concentrating on independent sources in the local (Peterborough/South Kesteven) area. Then we can see in the comming months what progress I make.

A New Food Adventure

When I registered this site, a month or so ago, it was with a modest intention. I have kept a personal blog for friends and family for some time,  with postings on all manner of various interests of mine. Talking to friends, I realised that blog had become a bit of a mess, with no real focus. Furthermore, folk who were interested in some of my hobbies – food, for example – lost interest when I talked about things like computing and board games or other trivia.