A Garden Spruce Up 2

June 9, 2022 Chris Malme 0

More on my back garden. The gardeners who laid my front lawn also did two heavy jobs for me in the back. They emptied all my vegetable troughs – which were still half-filled with clay, from the gardeners we no longer mention – and they laid down more gravel around the troughs.

New Lawn

June 9, 2022 Chris Malme 0

As mentioned before, I had gardeners here mid-May, and their main job was to lay a new lawn.

Dog (and Human) Friendly Beef Stew

March 17, 2022 Chris Malme 2

I’ve been feeding my dog on Butternut Box for a long time, which is basically batch cooked stew (beef, lamb, pork, chicken or fish) from human-grade ingredients. It looks appetising, although I have never brought myself to try it, and Katie loves it.

Now I have retired, and have the time and inclination to cook more, I thought I might see if I can do something similar myself – batch cooking once a week, and sneaking a portion for my own tea.

Pork Stir Fry

March 15, 2022 Chris Malme 0

I’m using the Ninja Foodi for more and more of my meals, which means I am having to rearrange recipes to suit the one pot cooking. It is actually easier than it might seem. This is adapted from a stir-fry recipe by Mindful Chef.

Quick Spring Planting

January 27, 2022 Chris Malme 0

Further to my last post; of course, having my veg troughs emptied in May is going to somewhat limit my planting schedule this year. So I have ordered seeds for some quick-growing plants, which I might hope to get into the soil in March and harvest by the beginning of May.

All change for 2022!

January 27, 2022 Chris Malme 0

In May, I have some gardening help booked in to arrive, with two major jobs to do. One is relaying my front lawn, which is totally disgusting. The other major job they are doing is topping up the gravel around my vegetable area, and digging out my vegetable troughs. But I am also thinking of rearranging them.