Inkbird IBBQ-4BW Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Barbecue Thermometer

Belatedly writing about this device, which I bought at the end of May.

As mentioned in my review of my new LG Legacy 1200 grill, the one thing I wasn’t impressed with was the android app. My portable GMG grill is also WiFi equiped, and has a pretty good app, which lets me remotely monitor grill and food temperatures. Part of its functionality is that you can set minimums and maximums and if they are exceeded, you get loud alarms. You also get good audible confirmations when target temperatures are reached.

In contrast, the LG grill’s app seems to do things with notifications. Which are an easily missed beep-beep and its gone, rather than “I am going to go on beeping until you tell me to stop”. I found it most unsatisfactory.

I already had an Inkbird Bluetooth Thermometer, but the distance from my BBQ area and the house makes that not ideal for Bluetooth, although I liked the device itself. So I took the opportunity to pass that on to a friend, and splashed out on the newer WiFi & Bluetooth version.

The main unit is wedge-shaped and has sockets for 4 probes, which are all supplied in the same box. It has a magnetic back, so happily sticks to the hopper of my grill; when not in use, it lives on the side of my fridge. All 4 probes display on the device itself, but they also display in an excellent little Android app (iOS also available).

Now I have it, I am likely not to use the probes that came with my Legacy 1200. In a way, that’s a waste, as I might have managed with buying a non-WiFi grill after all. But the deal I ended up getting, after all the hassle of the purchase, means I am not at all sorry.

Of course, the other thing is that the Inkbird is not restricted to just BBQ. Any cooking I may be doing where I need to monitor temps will benefit.

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