Meat: Donald Russell Limited

Just had a wonderful meat delivery from Donald Russell. I was a little concerned, as it had been delayed a day by DHL, but Russells assured me that their frozen shipping packaging is good for 48 hours. Indeed, when it arrived, it was still frozen.

So what is in the box?

○ Two packs of lambs kidneys – as a student, I used to do a great kidney dish, and fancied recreating it, although I think one pack is going in my fry-up tonight.

○ A “Build Your Own Burger” kit for 4, including burgers, bacon, black pudding, alpine fries and pork lorne sausage, which I love. So much so, I ordered an additional two packs of lorne sausage.

○ A brisket meal for 2 – a slow-cooked piece of brisket, already cooked, together with trays of goose-fat potatoes and caramelised carrots. I’ll try not to demolish it myself, and save it for when I can share it with someone.

○ Also already cooked – a small Jacob’s Ladder (Beef Short Ribs). This is something I am currently experimenting with myself, and I like to sample other’s recipes while honing in on my own.

Most of the above is in the freezer, but a black pudding round, a pack of lorne sausage and some bacon is sitting in the fridge, for a possible “breakfast for tea” tonight. Or possibly “breakfast for breakfast” tomorrow!

I already have a couple of online butchers bookmarked, but this does look good, and I like that I can order a mixture of raw steaks and such, as well as pre-cooked items.

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