Gadget: Ninja 3-in-1 Food Processor

Gadget Man strikes again!. To be fair to myself, for someone who likes to cook, I’ve managed a long time without a food processor.

I was actually looking at this very bundle a couple of months back, and had mentally bookmarked it as something to consider for the Black Friday deals. But today, Amazon told me it was in their one-day deal – reduced by 25% – and I had 4.5 hours to decide. Didn’t take me nearly that long.

So this has a 1200W base motor, and three different things to fix onto it. The smallest is a 700ml blender cup, with it’s own sealable lid with a spout. Then there is a 2.1 litre blender jug. Finally there is a 1.8 litre mixing bowl. Each part comes with its own blades, and there is also a dough tool, and a slicing/grating tool for the mixing bowl.

The base is one of their more powerful ones, able to deal with ice and frozen fruit – near-instant fruit snow or smoothies.



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