Brussels Sprouts Doing Well

This is the first lot of Brussels I planted, which at one point I was thinking of digging up and throwing away, because they looked so unhealthy.

And this is the second planting. These thrived a lot better, but recently got hit with an infestation of tiny flies. But a spraying of lightly soapy water seems to have gotten rid of the worst, and let the plants recover.

I’ll carry on treating them both with soap spray, but also with some garlic spray that should arrive today – this was bought for the broccoli which is doing awfully well, but attracting lots of cabbage whites. My understanding is that they do not like garlic – I’m not planning to spray the actual plants, but the trough and the netting.

As mentioned before, both troughs have space for new crops, so I will be sowing some little gems today.

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