Garden Update – 360°

The garden makeover is practically complete. We tried out my pressure washer on part of the patio, and it came up good; so either Jared or myself will do the rest sometime. But otherwise, all the painting and tidying has been done.

So here is the transformed garden.

Note the end veg trough with the red hoe leaning on it. That has just received the second crop of the year, replacing my broad beans with mixed varieties of chard and pak choi (the broad bean roots being dug in for nitrogen). Thanks to Annie for the seeds.

In the next trough along, the courgettes are still cropping well, and the broccoli is looking good, despite the ever present cabbage white.

Further along still, troughs 3 & 4 have brussells planted, which are being attacked by flies. Sprayed again today with mild soap solution.

Half of 3 is still empty, and I’ve been figuring out what to put in there. I decided I need lettuce to go with the tomatoes I should have soon, so I have ordered some little gem seeds – you can keep planting them quite late in the year, and they grow very quickly.

Also, a closer look at my small smoker station, now with added steel.

The steel under the smoker/grill is to protect the counter from the heat. The one to the right is removable, for cleaning and storage, and is for outside food preparation.

I’m really pleased with the new look garden, especially how Jared has rejuvenated the very tired furniture.

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