Month: July 2020

Food Adventure autopost to Facebook is back

For a long time, if I posted something in my Food Adventure Wordpress Blog, it would autopost to the corresponding Facebook group I’d set up.

Then Facebook changed things, and it stopped working.

I’m pleased to say the link is working again, which means I no longer need to manually post things twice.

My Stash of Cornish Blue

Earlier in the month, I bought 5kg of Cornish Blue cheese at a bargain price. Most of it went in the freezer.

But now I’m low on cheese in the fridge, so yesterday, I got a pack of of it out to defrost.

Getting it to fit.

When you order something and it doesn’t fit, it is disappointing. When you order something having measured carefully and compared to the item description it is infuriating. I wanted a rack to use with my air fryer in dehydrate mode,…

Côte at Home

Côte at Home is a fairly new food delivery service run by the french restaurant chain Côte Brasserie. The food is produced in one of Côte’s centralised kitchens, which already supply several of the chain’s outlets. The prices are reasonable…


It’s been a while since I last used my soup maker. I’m not sure why, cos it is so easy.

But I recently bought 5kg of Cornish Blue cheese, discounted due to Covid-19 and reduced sales to restaurants. Most of it has been vacuum packed and stored in my freezer, but I kept some to use now; and by coincidence Riverfords have sent me two large brocolli heads.

A New Look

A new look for the site.

The theme I use for this site – Magazine Premium – started throwing errors after my migration and software update, saying it was incompatible with the current versions.