Pasta Evangelists – Delivery

So my delivery from Pasta Evangelists arrived today. Pictures follow.

My first reaction was “where are the cooking instructions?” But each meal is colour coded with a dot, and in the enclosed booklet, full details are given – a lengthy description, ingredients and cooking instructions.

The portion sizes look reasonable for single portions, which is what these are. As a result, this could work out expensive – I got this box at 50% off, but the full prices are £7-11 per portion (most are around £8). On the other hand, the supermarket chill cabinet versions of this kind of thing would be half of that, and mass-produced; so the issue will be the quality of this pasta and what it tastes like.

I was a little taken aback by the “use within 2 days of delivery” printed on the box and menu, which messes my meal planning for this week, and makes me glad I only ordered two meals. On the other hand, they do say that you can freeze the dishes on receipt.

I’m going to be trying “Lamb & Rosemary Lasagne” tonight, and will update with details of what I think of it.

Free chocolate!

This link will give you an introductory offer for just 3 quid, and it will also give me store credit.

EDIT: “Pappardelle With Wild Boar Ragu” (see comment below)

2 comments for “Pasta Evangelists – Delivery

  1. September 3, 2019 at 5:48 pm

    “Lamb & Rosemary Lasagne” – very nice indeed. An intense sauce, with tender pieces of lamb, rather than just mince. Quite excellent.

    No picture, I’m afraid, as it wasn’t that photogenic, after I had lifted the lasagne out of the foil tray.

    But was it worth £8? I am not sure. It was a lovely lasagne, but my reaction to it isn’t so much I want to buy it again, but I want to learn to make it.

    Finally, the Pasta Evangelists’ thing is all about the pasta – that you don’t get proper pasta in the UK, so they source theirs from Italy. But – heretical as it sounds – my enjoyment of the dish was all about the sauce. I really don’t think I would have cared if it had been made with Buitoni. Sorry guys!

  2. September 4, 2019 at 5:56 pm

    “Pappardelle With Wild Boar Ragu” – another nicely flavoured and meaty sauce, and this time the pasta was particularly noticeable.

    Portion was also rather large – more than enough for me.

    Cooking instructions were simple, but the pasta – which they said you should cook for just 3 minutes – took twice as long, and yet was still al dente.

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