Christmas Cabbage

December 25, 2019 Chris Malme 0

An easy to prepare side dish for any festive meal. This was one of two dishes I cooked in advance (the other being mashed swede), so I didn’t have too much to do on Christmas Day.

Virgin Pure Water Bar

Virgin Pure Water Bar

November 7, 2019 Chris Malme 0

I have been looking at plumbed in water systems for a while. After deliberation, I decided the Virgin Pure Water Bar is a neat solution and while it is bigger than the Brita it replaces, it is almost the same size as my coffee machine, so doesn’t look out of place next to it.

Slow Cooker Poached Pears

September 22, 2019 Chris Malme 1

Not so much a recipe as a general idea. I will post a recipe at a later date, when I have finished experimenting.

I had long believed that pears needed to be ripening before you can do anything with them. In fact I just checked a few websites that indicated that to cook pears, they should be ripe.

But I came across a recipe by Delia Smith which indicated that unripened pears could be poached.

Pear Harvest

September 20, 2019 Chris Malme 0

This is the latest harvest from the pear tree in my garden.

I already have a dozen pears in the fridge, to facilitate ripening (they will be coming out in a day or two, and going into a paper bag).

This batch is the pick of the large un-fallen fruit, plus a couple of dropped fruit that appeared undamaged (an achievement, as the landing is on gravel or stone). It also meant lopping a couple of branches to get to them – they needed to be lopped anyway, as this tree is *supposed* to grow along my garage, not over it.

Pasta Evangelists – Delivery

September 3, 2019 Chris Malme 2

So my delivery from Pasta Evangelists arrived today. Pictures follow.

My first reaction was “where are the cooking instructions?” But each meal is colour coded with a dot, and in the enclosed booklet, full details are given – a lengthy description, ingredients and cooking instructions.

Pasta Evangelists

August 30, 2019 Chris Malme 0

I originally set up this blog to encourage me to cook more from scratch. I still like to do so, but there are other times when you just want a plate of delicious food delivered to you.

Pasta Evangelists sell “artisan” pasta online, delivered to your door. It is a bit pricey, at about 8 quid a portion, but it also seems a step above the kind of thing you can get from the chill counter at your local supermarket.

The header for a recipe in mobile mode

Improved Recipe Layouts Are Here

August 10, 2019 Chris Malme 0

Two years ago, I added a recipe module to the food adventure website.

I did this partly to kickstart me into posting some useful content on there, as my tendency to post to social media instead has seen the site withering on the vine.

But the main reason was to make a resource for myself, albeit shared with friends, getting all my own recipes off of notebooks and bits of paper, or curating a few favourites from my recipe book collection (with attribution), and putting them into a single, easily accessed place.