Firebox BBQ Pizza Oven

While at the garden centre on Friday, I picked up a Firebox BBQ Pizza Oven for some silly money.

Normal price is about 80 quid, which is what the garden centre was selling them for. But they had a couple with badly crushed boxes, that were selling them off for less than half of that. Even though I already have a BBQ Pizza solution, for that money, I fancied a play. I got one of the store people to agree to open one up, to ensure it was only the packaging that was damaged. It was, so I bought one

My existing solution is a 1.5″ thick stone that I place in my Traeger grill. It is effective for both bread and pizza, but does need quite a time to get to heat. This is excellent if you are baking a batch of bread or cooking pizza for a crowd, but it makes it less convenient if you just want to do a quick pizza.

The Firebox has a thinner (barely 1/4″, I think) stone in it, so it will heat quicker. But because it is enclosed in stainless steel, it should provide more intense heat for the topping, as well as the base. It will take a 12″ pizza, which is plenty big enough.

After looking at it at home, the design is better than I thought, as there are heat channels around the stone to let heat into the enclosed chamber. The whole thing is pretty solid, and the stone is removable, for cleaning. Should I ever want a thicker stone in there, that would be an easy thing to do; but I don’t think I’ll need it.

I reckon if I remove the grill’s drip tray, but retain the heat deflector, I should be able to get this quite hot.

It’s just a shame it has been such a cold weekend, as I have no inclination to brave the elements to play with the new toy.

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