A nice find

Popped into a friend’s today, for a cuppa and a chat. On the way home, I had time on my hands, so I drove into Sleaford, to the Design and Craft Centre there – I’ve driven past the signs many times, and always wondered what it was. It was interesting, but not what I am posting about.

On the way out of Sleaford, the car in front braked really hard, having missed their turn-off. So I had to brake hard too, and while cursing to myself, saw he had pulled into a Garden Centre and Farm Shop. Always happy to discover new places, I followed him in, avoiding him in the car park.

So I was wandering around, quite a nice place; I finally came to the bit with the bakery, deli and butcher, and found this:

Wonderful bone-in Fore-Ribs and Beef Short-Ribs.

I’ll definitely be returning another time.

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