Graze: Snacks by Post

I’ve just given Graze another try.

Back in 2013, I took up their “first box free” offer, but it turned into a bit of a hash. The free box never turned up, and Graze’s only response was to offer me a box at half-price. This didn’t fill me with joy, so I cancelled my new account, and forgot about it.

4 years on, and Graze is now a common sight in my local Tesco. I’ve had their “Protein Bites” flapjacks and really like them. So I thought I would give the delivery service another go.

This time, the box (half-price at £1.99) arrived through the letterbox on time, and was nicely presented. The 4 snacks contained all looked good:

I tried the Cranberry and Hazelnut Toasts, and they was very nice indeed. But at 28g per punnet, too quickly gone.

And this is why I am not completely satisfied with the box deal. At £3.99 a week, I get 4 snacks, some of which will be substantial, and some – like the toasts, not so. But for £2.49 in Tesco, I can buy a box of Graze’s own protein bites – 4 of them – which I know *do* satisfy my snack itch. So for me, Graze is losing in competition with itself.

However, I also have to consider that the Graze box contains a much wider selection of snacks, and some of its flapjacks, at 50g, are even bigger than the bars I am buying in Tesco. So it is very much swings and roundabouts.

I could try to game the system, and set my filters to only give me the flap-jack style snacks. But that would probably be missing the point of the Graze box – the variety; and I do like nuts, I just normally like more than 28g.

I think I am probably being grossly unfair to Graze. I think it is a great idea, but perhaps not for me. I might be better off cancelling/pausing my subscription, and simply buy specific items from the shop.

But 4 quid is not a lot, so I am going to let it ride for a couple of weeks, and see if I change my mind.

Note: Using this link – – will entitle any new customers to their 1st, 5th and 10th box, free. It will also give me £1 discount off future purchases.

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