Everdine (frozen prepared meals)

I’ve previously written a bit here about recipe boxes, from various companies, and have generally been very pleased with the results.

Today I am waiting in for a delivery, but it is not a recipe box. Everdine are a food-by-mail company, but they supply frozen prepared meals, all ready to go in the oven or microwave.

As a result, I feel this post is almost contrary to the purpose of the blog, which is supposed to be mainly about getting back to basics, and cooking from scratch. On the surface, there seems not to be that much difference between Everdine meals, and the chill/frozen section of the supermarket.

But hey, I’m benefiting from a “first order” offer to put 8 single portion meals in my freezer at a discount price. Everdine claims its meals are healthy, gourmet and from sustainable sources. Certainly the pictures I’ve seen of their meals show a more careful and attractive arrangement of the food than in a standard supermarket ready-meal. While I tend to plate up meals like this, they actually look good enough to eat straight out the box; which bodes well for quick lunches.

Anyway, the delivery arrived while I typed:

The box looks familiar to anyone who has bought a recipe box.

Wool insulation and ice packs, keeping the meals nicely frozen.

The meals. Nice and clear packaging with cooking method and time there on the top of the box.

I got these 8 meals for £35, delivered, which means they are about the cost of stuff from the chill cabinet. The full price is £55, giving a price per meal of £6.90 – a bit pricey, but not if the meals live up to their reputation. Time will tell, I’ll report back later.

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