New Toy: Lavazza Favola Plus Coffee Pod Machine

favola_plus_black_frontale_aegOver the past few months, my Modo Mio pod coffee machine developed a leak. Not a “water all over the place” leak, but a creeping “more water leaking into the drip tray than through the coffee pod” thing. This started off being simply a chore, that I had to empty the drip tray more often, but it is now affecting the pressure, and the quality of the coffee.

I bought this machine in December 2013, so I have had good use out of it. However, in doing a search for similar issues (and possible solutions) I came upon “All Lavazza machines have a 2 year manufacturers guarantee.”

So even though I didn’t know where the receipt is (I know I bought it from Tesco, and know when, because I blogged it), I thought it worth giving them a call, to see if they can replace the seals or advise me on how I could do this.

The guy asked me for my address info and name, the model number, and the serial number (from the bottom of the machine). I thought that this was just to create a issue ticket, or a repair request, until he said. “OK, your replacement machine will be with you in 3-7 working days.”


“Yes. That model is no longer available, so I am giving you the next model up.”

“OK. So when that arrives, I send the old one back to you?”

“No, just throw it away.”

So minus points to you Lavazza, perhaps, on the environmental front; but full marks for customer service. Just goes to show that some companies care!

Anyway, my replacement arrived today. It is very similar to my old one, but with more chrome and improved functionality.

shot-glassThe old one had a single button, which you pressed to start the coffee flowing, and pressed again to stop it; which meant you had to judge the right point to stop the brew, before you started getting the thin bitter stuff. I’d actually bought a marked shot glass to help me do this.

The new machine has two buttons, each of them timed – one for espresso, the other for espresso lungo. They are programmable, but I am happy to try the defaults.

The lungo is not to be confused with a long espresso – the lungo is from passing additional water through the pod, and is only really suitable for pods intended for lungo; a long black coffee (my preference) is made by first half-filling a cup from the hot water spout, then dispensing one or two espresso pods into it.

(An Americana is made by dispensing one or two pods into an empty cup, then topping up with hot water; and yes, there is a difference!)

Looking forward to testing out the new machine. I am still contemplating whether to attempt a repair of the old one, or simply dump it. I am loath to check something that might have some life in it, yet, but I have enough junk lying around waiting for me to play with it.


  1. Did you manage to fix your old Modo Mio? After only 6 months mine has started dumping all the water into the overflow / used pod bin. It’s lovely that Lavazza will completely replace the unit but would like to have a go first.

    • No, I am afraid I didn’t. I had thought about it, but I’ve been having a major clearout of assorted junk here (I had a skip in the drive the week before Christmas).

      I looked at the old machine, considered that I’d had it sitting around for 2 months, without even looking at it, and thought to myself “How realistic is it that you are going to get around to repairing that?” As a result, it joined the other stuff on the skip.

      If yours is misbehaving after 6 months, I would definitely report it to Lavazza. At the moment, you are covered for a repair/replacement, but if you try to fix it yourself, you may void your warranty with them.

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