The Great British Cheese Company

Now, I like cheese. However, I’m not usually a fan of adulterated cheeses – you can keep your white Stilton with cranberries, or Wensleydale with apricots, or whatever the latest way to ruin a good cheese is. I like my cheese to taste of cheese, and nothing else. Having said that, I was pleasantly surprised during a visit to the South of England Show at Ardingly the other week, where I found a cheese company who know how to add flavour to their cheese!

The Great British Cheese Company use a Cheddar (their own) as the base for most of their cheeses. The base cheese has won awards in its own right, but what makes this company stand out is their selection of flavoured cheeses. There were samples of all twelve of their cheeses on offer (including the plain ‘Flagship’ Cheddar) – and I am never one to turn down a free sample (or twelve) so happily dived in.

Well, to say I was surprised is an understatement – the choices range from ‘Sticky Toffee Tastic’ – which is indeed fantastic, through Peri Peri Cheddar (some like it hot!) to the ‘Drunken Monk’ (red wine and caramelised onion). All were delightful, but the one that I ended up taking home was their Lime and Chilli Cheddar. It was a revelation in flavoured cheese – the lime cuts through the rich and creamy Cheddar flavour, and then the chilli kicks in. Not so hot that your eyes begin to water, but warm enough to make its presence felt. This cheese would be the perfect addition to a Mexican themed meal, but is equally good with a couple of crackers and a shot of Tequila.

It cost £4.50 from the showground stall – the weight isn’t specified on the site, and I’ve eaten almost all of mine, and disposed of the label so can’t give you a guide weight – maybe 3″ diameter and 2″ in height? – but all their cheeses are £4 each from their website – plus a £5 delivery charge no matter how many, or how few, you order (makes sense to buy a few, really!). I’m very tempted to order more, because there wasn’t a dud amongst them.

You can find them here:

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