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The Great British Cheese Company

June 27, 2015 Jo Hopkinson 0

Now, I like cheese. However, I’m not usually a fan of adulterated cheeses – you can keep your white Stilton with cranberries, or Wensleydale with apricots, or whatever the latest way to ruin a good cheese is. I like my cheese to taste of cheese, and nothing else. Having said that, I was pleasantly surprised during a visit to the South of England Show at Ardingly the other week, where I found a cheese company who know how to add flavour to their cheese!

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BBQ & Butchery

June 20, 2015 Chris Malme 0

One of the issues of trying to cook American style BBQ in the UK, is getting the right cuts of meat.

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Uuni 2 Pizza Oven

June 18, 2015 Chris Malme 0

One of the things I cook on my Traeger Pellet Grill is pizza. I turn the pellet grill up to the maximum temperature (450-500 F) and place a large pizza/bread stone in it. Once the stone is nice and hot, I can crank out 2 medium pizzas every 10 minutes or so. This is great fun, especially if you have guests preparing and adding their own toppings.

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The best temperature probe ever

June 17, 2015 Chris Malme 0

If you are serious about cooking, you’ll probably want to measure the temperature of what you are cooking. In particular, with BBQ, you are often cooking to a target internal meat temperature.