Month: July 2014

Broad (Fava) Beans – After The Harvest

I harvested my last broad beans over 3 weeks ago, but have only just cleared the trough for further planting. Remembering to cut all the stems just above ground level, leaving the roots in place. This evening I’ll dig them well in, as they contain lots of valuable nitrogen.

Sweetener Free Drinks

Last month I posted about trying to find a brand of lemonade that didn’t contain artificial sweeteners. To my surprise I found that even the non-diet versions contained both sugar and sweeteners.

Cold Smoking Session July 2014

As I haven’t been completely healthy the last month or so, I have been concentrating on essential tasks in the garden and about the house; to the neglect of doing fancy stuff with food. As a result, it has been a while since I last did some cold smoking.