Month: June 2014

Pass the chianti

Looks like no matter what else I am eating this week, it will be with a side order of fava beans. Unless, that is, I blanch and freeze them.

Not Such A Sweet Choice

I was listening to an interview on Radio 4’s Today show about how – as part of a plan to try and reduce the average Brit’s sugar intake, the major drink suppliers had already cut down on sugar in fizzy drinks by 5%, and were being pushed to do more.

Moor Farm Meats

One of my major failures in trying to source local produce has been finding a good burger. As I like to BBQ, and burgers are the main fodder for my monthly board-gaming sessions (where I feed anything from 8-16 people), this is not an insignificant part of my monthly food spend, and is something that keeps bringing me back to Tescos. Which irritates me every time I fill a basket with them.