Month: April 2014

Welcome, Jo

I’d like to welcome Jo Hopkinson as a new author at Food Adventure. Jo is an old friend of mine, who has followed and encouraged my food writings, but I know has a lot to contribute herself.

Ideas For Leftover Sausages

As someone who BBQs a lot for unpredictable numbers, I am used to using up cooked burgers and bangers. One of the things I like about slow-smoked burgers is that they end up moist enough that they reheat well in a microwave the next day.

Wild Boar and Venison Stew

On the way back from an Easter break in Glasgow, I followed a friend’s advice and stopped off at the M6 Motorway Services at Tebay. These are one of the rare services that are not part of a chain – Tebay Services have a long history, excellent home-style food, and a brilliant farm shop.

Pulled Pork #1

This is not really intended as a recipe; although feel free to use it that way. This is simply the first of several cooks that I am going to document, so I have something to refer back to.