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Cold Smoked Olive Oil

October 29, 2013 Chris Malme 0

In May, I tried smoking some olive oil, using oak. I poured a 500ml bottle into a very shallow bowl, and placed it on the bottom rack of my cold smoker, while I also smoked some cheese and butter. It was probably smoking for 6-8 hours.

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AllTheCooks App

October 20, 2013 Chris Malme 0

I’ve been playing with the Android allthecooks recipe app over the weekend, and it looks quite fun. Thousands of recipes, and an easy way of turning recipes you select into shopping lists.

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Vegetable Box Schemes – good value?

October 16, 2013 Chris Malme 0

I was recently exposed to a minor rant from a friend for mentioning veg box schemes in her presence, as I knew how much of a budget she was on, and that veg box schemes are for “rich w*nkers”.

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My Mystery Tomato Crop

October 9, 2013 Chris Malme 1

In August, I posted about how some tomato plants had grown amongst my sugar snap peas; due, I think, to seeds making their way into the veg trough via my wormery.