Month: August 2013

Simple fruit smoothie

For the last few months, my garden has provided enough veg for me, so I stopped my regular fruit and veg delivery from Riverford Organic Farms and replaced it with a fortnightly fruit box. Then, because I liked what it was doing to my diet, I stepped that up to a weekly fruit box.

Garden Invaders II

I mentioned that the plants I had been considering weeds turned out to be tomatoes seeded via my wormery. I was right, and I now have tomatoes!

Breakfast Fatty

Fatty After Cooking

A Fatty is a very easy and basic thing to BBQ. It is also surprisingly tasty.

Under cover

For a while now, I have had two vegetable troughs under cover, with hoops and fine netting, and two open. This suited what I was growing; unfortunately, this year the cats have discovered what a wonderful litter tray my open troughs can be. Considering that I am trying to grow veg, I find this less than appetizing!

Garden Invaders

I haven’t been that organised in the garden this year. I keep blaming it on the poor spring giving me a bad start, but it’s really no-ones fault but my own.

My garden is my kitchen this summer

Had friends round for gaming yesterday, and several commented on my (temporary) lack of a cooker in the kitchen. I let my old cooker go to freecycle a few weeks back, and have yet to replace it.

Thinning carrots

My carrots have come on well, and are a dense thicket of growth. I’ve left it very late to thin them, and was concerned that in pulling up the carrots I want to thin, I’ll disturb the ones I want to grow.