Month: May 2013

Iron Horse Ranch House, Market Deeping

Since getting involved with American BBQ, I’ve become more aware of how this style of food is increasing in the UK, both in terms of restaurants such as Barbecoa, and smaller eateries and take-aways. However, I somehow missed one opening in my own town.

More cheese, Gromit?

My “cutting down on food spending in supermarkets” took a big hit today, when I spent over 50 quid on food in the Co-op.

Mustard sauce

When I learned how to make pulled pork a couple of years ago, it was with a tomato-based, slightly hot sauce. I have tried other sauces, in particular some traditional vinegar-based sauces, but I preferred the tomato ones.

Cold Smoking

I am planning to do some cold smoking tomorrow, so I thought I would precede that with a post about the equipment I use, which I purchased from the lovely people at Mac’s BBQ.


I was in Peterborough today, so I popped into Sundays, on Cumbergate, just outside the Queensgate shopping centre. It is a cafe, and nothing fancy, but I quite like it there.