Welcome to my Food Adventure
To rediscover real food, regain the habit
of cooking from scratch with locally sourced
ingredients, and free myself from the
banality of the supermarket.

How it began.
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Chris Malme

Chris is the founder of Food Adventure, which he created to encourage him to get into the kitchen more often. He is a fan of farm shops and other direct-to-customer suppliers. A BBQ enthusiast, he currently has 3 grills in his BBQ area, not to mention the baby Weber kettle in storage.

Web Site: http://www.foodadventure.org.uk/

Firebox BBQ Pizza Oven

March 18, 2018

While at the garden centre on Friday, I picked up a Firebox BBQ Pizza Oven for some silly money. Normal price is about 80 quid, which is what the garden centre was selling them for. But they had a couple with badly crushed boxes, that were selling them off for less than half of...
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Naked Ham: Not terrible, but not ham

March 17, 2018

People are worried about nitrites in food. By “people”, I mean article-writing doctors, and tabloid newspapers. It’s become a fairly repeated thing that the presence of nitrites in foods such as bacon, ham and pastrami can lead to an increased risk of cancer. This isn’t just an old wives’ tale – there has been...
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A nice find

October 6, 2017

Popped into a friend’s today, for a cuppa and a chat. On the way home, I had time on my hands, so I drove into Sleaford, to the Design and Craft Centre there – I’ve driven past the signs many times, and always wondered what it was. It was interesting, but not what I...
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Wood Pellet Grill Forum – www.pelletfan.com

September 21, 2017

I’ve long been a follower of the PelletHeads BBQ forum, which catered specifically to the kind of pellet-fueled smoker I use. For various reasons, PelletHeads has gone dark, but a new forum has appeared, set up by many of the people who were a driving force behind the earlier forum. It is very welcome,...
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Lakeland Mini Multicooker

August 26, 2017

So if I am trying to free up more kitchen top space, the last thing I should do is buy another gadget? I saw this in Lakeland last week, and decided to go for it this week. It is a cute little item, which will replace both my slow cooker and rice cooker for...
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Simply Cook – A Recipe Box With A Twist

July 29, 2017

Today, I am reviewing Simply Cook, a different type of recipe box from the others I have reviewed so far - Gousto, Hello Fresh, Mindful Chef.
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Graze: Snacks by Post

July 26, 2017

I've just given Graze another try. Back in 2013, I took up their "first box free" offer, but it turned into a bit of a hash. The free box never turned up, and Graze's only response was to offer me a box at half-price. This didn't fill me with joy, so I cancelled my new...
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Everdine: The Story Continues

June 2, 2017
Black Bean Chili Burrito

So, not a bad meal yet. Rather than creating new posts for every meal I cook and snap, I’m just going to post the next few pictures here, so anyone interested can see how the meals turn out. This was the Black Bean Chili Burrito. 40 minutes in the oven, and very tasty. This...
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Everdine: Jerk Chicken With Pineapple Salsa

June 1, 2017

Another Everdine meal, and another success. Chicken was well cooked; rice was nice and separated, not sticky; salsa added a nice sweet acidic touch. I placed my Everdine order to see what they were like, but with no great plan in mind. However, today, looking for a quick lunch, I realised that many of...
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Everdine: Morrocan Chicken Tagine

May 29, 2017

My first Everdine frozen meal. Straight out of the freezer, into the microwave - 8 minutes with a stir half-way through; and 1 minute to stand.
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