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Pasta Evangelists

April 30, 2020

So, Pasta Evangelists. Fresh, artisan pasta at artisan prices, by post.

I’ve ordered this twice before, the last order in March. I have to say, the pasta is really nice and the sauces great. But last time, when I should have gotten 3 pots of parmesan and 1 pot of (similarly coloured) bechamel, I ended up with just 1 pot of parmesan and 3 of….

It didn’t stop my enjoyment, as I already had parmesan in the house.

But for today’s order, one of the dishes calls for fresh samphire. The instructions tell you to cook the pasta, while using the samphire to flavour the pat of butter they provide, before combining it all into one pan.

Except… no samphire.

I do feel this is pretty piss-poor for £7-9 a portion posh pasta, to leave out one of the key flavourings. As the saying goes, “you had one job to do…”

And yes, I know that perhaps the current situation may affect supplies. In which case you mention it, offer an alternative, or take that recipe off the list. You don’t just send it out without the ingredient.

So, Pasta Evangelists. It’s been fun, but I think this may be the last box I have from you. Your pasta is superior to the supermarket butternut squash girasoli I normally buy, but not to warrant 4 times the cost and missing ingredients

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