Improved Recipe Layouts Are Here

The header for a recipe in mobile mode

The header for a recipe in mobile mode

Two years ago, I added a recipe module to the food adventure website.

I did this partly to kickstart me into posting some useful content on there, as my tendency to post to social media instead has seen the site withering on the vine.

But the main reason was to make a resource for myself, albeit shared with friends, getting all my own recipes off of notebooks and bits of paper, or curating a few favourites from my recipe book collection (with attribution), and putting them into a single, easily accessed place.

I played about with it a bit; but there were several things that irritated me with the layout and how the recipes were indexed. Like many of my projects that don’t quite work out, I took to ignoring it completely.

Then, the other day, I was so enthused with a simple bowl of pasta, that I posted the recipe, simple though it was.

This evening I have spent a happy couple of hours playing with the integration and installing, testing (and sometimes deleting) various plugins until I got something that was easy to use.

And I am now pleased with it. What I absolutely love is how it is now appearing in mobile form – phones and tablets – which is what I will be mostly using in the kitchen.

What I now need to do is get many more recipes into it; but I have decided that I need to cook each recipe before I type it in.

So the bonus is that it is going to encourage me to cook from scratch, which brings me full circle to why I started the website in the first place.

I’m going to start with the aim of getting at least one recipe up there a week. I think this is very achievable, and I hope to do more.

Ingredients in Mobile Mode

Ingredients in Mobile Mode

Instructions in Mobile Mode

Instructions in Mobile Mode

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