Being even thriftier with the pizza habit

Back in January, I posted about buying Dominos pizza using their lunchtime 2-for-1 deal; eating a slice or two, then freezing the rest. This gives me a choice of pizza on hand, easily (and tastily) reheated, for £1 a slice.

But I’m now using a different deal that takes the cost down to two thirds of that. A large slice of Dominos for only 65p.

This uses another lunch deal which is 3 large pizzas for £18. The snag is that each pizza can only have 1 topping, in addition to sauce and cheese. Sounds pretty miserly, no?

But here here is the secret. When you order a pizza with 4 toppings, you don’t get 4 times as much topping as a single topping pizza. You get 4 different toppings, but proportionately less of each than if you’d ordered just the one topping.

So the slice of pepperoni pizza I’m eating for lunch has an excellent coverage of sauce and cheese, and a pretty even layer of pepperoni. As does the sausage, and the ham and pineapple!

Yes. Ham *and* pineapple – I cheated there, and added an additional topping, for £1.50. Which took the bill to just under £20, for 30 slices of pizza.

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