Coffee: Brown Bear – Breakfast Blend

At the moment, about half the coffee I am drinking is the Revelation blend from Union I wrote of earlier, and the other half are different blends I am getting through my subscription with The Coffee Roasters.

But before I signed up with them, I’d made a couple of random purchases, not quite knowing what I liked.

Which brings me to Brown Bear’s Breakfast Blend. This was a surprise to me – it is a very light (roast strength 1) breakfast roast. Now, I have generally been going for dark roasts, as the lighter roasts did nothing for me. But on Saturday I found this hiding at the back of the cupboard; it was from a selection I made when I first got my bean-to-cup machine.

So it is very different from what I have been drinking. But even so, I really like it. It has shown me that light roasts can still have a good body and plenty of flavour, unlike the couple of bland blends I tried at the beginning of my coffee adventure.

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