Experiment with BBQ Lamb

I’ve just been on holiday, and of course I took my Davy Crockett grill with me.

After a few days out and about, I decided to spend a day at the cottage we were renting, and cook some simple BBQ. I smoked some burgers for our lunch, and put on a small pork shoulder, for pulling later. Since I hate to run a grill half-empty, and we only needed so much pulled pork, I decided to see how a lamb shoulder cooked, using the same techniques.

I rubbed the lamb with a rosemary and garlic spice mix, and put it onto the grill at 240°F – a little hotter than I usually smoke at, but I wanted the pork that was also on the grill to be ready at a reasonable time.

The lamb was ready in half the time I would expect for pork – not surprising, as it is a much tenderer meat. The shoulder bone pulled out of it easily, which is a good guide, and the meat pulled nicely, and tasted great.

Then I made a mistake. I’d decided to use a commercial (Reggae-Reggae Sauce) Jerk Sauce, which I thought would compliment the lamb. But it actually dominated it. It wasn’t unpleasant at all, but you could have been eating any meat. I was very disappointed, as up to then, I thought I was on to something.

Fast-forward a day or two, and we were getting out meat to have with salad, and I decided to try the lamb. Chilled, with a cold salad, it was absolutely delightful, the jerk flavour was muted and the lamb flavour shone through – everyone agreed it was excellent. Time and refrigeration had come to my rescue once again!

Anyway, it is an experiment I will definitely repeat again, with perhaps a milder sauce. I’d also quite like to do the same again, but with mutton.

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